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Good album - 95%

Moraan, April 24th, 2005

I´ve heard about that band in 1997 when the song " Punisher" was playing on some german radiostation. It took me a while to get this album because it was sold out very fast - and so I got the Vinyl-Version.
Sadly it is the only Mortum album ever, because they decided to split up after the release. However, this is a great album and it was totally worth searching for it so long. I wouldn´t consider it as Death Metal - it is more Black Metal because of the song constructions and because of the outstanding female vocals! The songs are fast and partial agressive, but because of the female leadsinger it finds a way to make the songs more "nice". Tinna´s voice isn´t opera or some other kind of extreme and that is what makes the album very listenable. The song constructions/arrangements are easy to follow and very melodic. It has everything in it: good sound, great & fast guitar-riffs, some Keyboard arrangements, screaming and clean vocals and fast + mid-tempo drumming. The Outro is interesting too - its an instrumental cover-version of the "The Last Of The Mohicans" Main Title (Soundtrack)!
If you have a chance to get this album somehow and if you like melodic Black Metal, you should definitely give it a try!