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Through the valley of death metal - 80%

Kalelfromkrypton, November 30th, 2007

From one of the most criticized Christian metal bands of all time and probably the most adventurous guys ever showing up in the metal scene one thing is for sure: there is not even one Mortification album alike among them and they have been around for almost 18 years but what I still can not understand is why many metal heads keep comparing every single album with ‘Scrolls’? Is it because of the heaviness and they want only noisy, heavier and heavier records all the time? Is it because they only like Nile, Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse? Is it because they do not know anything about evolution? If so, give me a break! A band that does not evolve simply ceases to exist and that is why they are still playing, for good or bad!

Another thing that bothers me is the fact some guys mock the band just because they are Christians so if you do not like those topics do no listen to them but let them be whatever their beliefs are. I have even read some critics about the irony of these styles of music with these kinds of lyrics, I mean, says who? The question would be: why not? Those people obviously do not understand that music does not belong to a particular style but to all and anyone can put their feelings and beliefs into the music no matter what.

Now the music, following the successful and remarkable Scrolls of the Megilloth they took another step in evolution with Post Momentary Affliction. Steve Rowe now screams and the growling is less powerful. They incorporated thrash elements like in Impulsation but the grind core elements are present in Liquid assets/Vital Fluids. Classical death metal elements come up in the first track which clocks around 10 minutes in two parts and the opening is a great track with lost of twists and great vocals. Distarnish Priest is a bass driven song with slow pace and again we get cool vocals and good rhythm parts. Grind planetarium was a commercial hit (sound ironic I know but it was) and honestly I do not like it; it is too weird for my taste. There is one bass instrumental and I agree with some guys who have said it sounds sometimes disharmonic and even a starter can perform it without problems but that doesn’t mean that Rowe’s skills as composer and bass player are not impressive. There are a lot of passages to set the mood for the album which deals with daily problems in life and how to solve by requesting help from God, so after the heaviest track at the end we get some sea sounds with enchanting keyboards to close the album.

If you get the special edition you will get a bonus track which is Butchered Mutilation which reminds me the kind of songs from The Bleeding by Cannibal Corpse. The album got a lot of recognition from the critics due to the innovation and skills, specially, for me, in the drums department where Jayson Sherlock is a master, but since they were starting to put heaviness in the closet he left soon after the release of Live Planetarium.

So my friends I would say this was a really good album, something weird in the typical death metal vein but enjoyable through its diversity. What followed next is a different story but they managed to stay alive and evolving into different things in the death metal realm which is not necessary bad at all.