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Brutal Warfare! - 82%

Kalelfromkrypton, December 10th, 2009

The questions whether a band should play live the best songs (which are not always the hit songs) or the hit songs (which aren’t always the best) will raise discrepancies forever. Thus, what we have here with the Morti guys is a collection of almost flawlessly performed hit songs from their so far (back then) catalogue. In this case I say hits for a simple reason: Since ‘Terminate Damnation’, ‘Eternal Lamentation’, ‘Satan’s Doom’, etc are NOT there, this is hardly a ‘best of’ concert. Instead we get awful songs like ‘Inflamed’, ‘Destroyer beholds’ and ‘Grind Planetarium’ which are completely boring and tedious.

The production is very good for a concert and the instruments sound very good, although the drums were calibrated too steel-ished so they sound a little out of place. The obvious emphasis is on the bass and the vocals. Here is where you get to see Steve growling and grunting like in the albums and no arrangements at all. I say this because in the subsequent live albums he does not sound that powerful or deep, which makes you think IF Steve’s voice is arranged, although he claims it is natural, or if he does not care to play the songs as they are recorded in the album, which again makes you think whether or not they are capable of playing them live.

This was recorded on a Black Stump festival, thus the good production resources and sound. The guitars sound sharp and the bass is really thick. The drumming again is a little low although the steel sound of the snare. The bass drums sound very low but again, as far as a live recordings this is very good and even surpasses (for me) ‘Dead’ by the Obis.

Another bad point is the fact of opening with ‘Grind Planetarium’ because it is too slow and for me, it doesn’t get you excited as what will be opening with ‘Until the End’ or ‘Nocturnal’. As for the rest of the set list we get variety since there are songs from their 3 albums and some highlights which were never recorded in studio like ‘Time Crusaders’ and ‘Black Snake’. ‘Symbiosis’ is altered and there are only growled vocals, no guitar solo and no acoustic intro. I like this version the most due to the groove vibe and loss of heaviness from the Blood World version. ‘From the Valley of the shadows’ is for me where they really put their hearts on. The song has almost everything the studio version has and following next is Human Condition, just like the album, two thumbs up!

They, as you could expect, end with two short ‘joke’ songs which are TMIOO and TMA which are a good way to end the head banging fest. In all it is a very good concert and obviously their best to date. The rest of live concerts certainly lack the death metal vocals which takes away almost all the entertainment. If you like early Mortification, this is the only and best way to actually how they sounded like early in the day. Brutallll..warfarrrrrr!!!!!!