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I wish later Mortician was like this... - 84%

overkill666, May 6th, 2008

Ah, Mortician. This is a very controversial band in the death metal scene, as some love them and some despise them. The ones who dislike them should check out this demo, and the other ones to hear the real Mortician. These demos offer real drums, and not overly down tuned instruments.

The demo offers listeners very interesting music. I'd like to point out the vocals are totally different as well. Will has more raspy, and less deep screams. They fit the music so well, and they sound great. I wish he sang like this on later albums. The guitar lines are heavy, but offer a more catchy approach. They keep the heaviness, but lay off the over down tuning. There are still no guitar solos to be found in Mortician, but that is normal with this band. The bass work is also very audible, and has some catchy parts. The bass adds to the heaviness of the music by adding the deepness to the riffs. Another great aspect to this album is that the drums are real! Most people got annoyed by the use of the drum machine in later albums. They had a real drummer at this point, and he is a good one. His beats fit the music very well.

Also, another great point about early Mortician is that they did not use those annoying movie clips. I've heard all the rants and raves about Mortician and their clips. This demo offers solid tracks, and no clips.

Mortician had a very, very good sound at this point in their history. If they were able to keep a drummer and a solid line-up, maybe they would keep sounding like this. This demo is a classic, and should be checked out by any death metal fan. This is Mortician worshipping oldschool death metal roots! Go find this!