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Mortem > Vomit of the Earth > Reviews > Drowned
Mortem - Vomit of the Earth

Gruesome blasphemy - 91%

Drowned, December 19th, 2005

It's hard to believe that in 1992, this was already Mortem's third demo tape. These guys have been at it since the 80's, and there seems to be no so sign of stopping! "Vomit of the Earth" is a very short demo, but each and every second of it takes you by storm. The tape contains three tracks of face-ripping, highly aggressive death/thrash that could only come from south of the equator. It's got a solid demo production with a dirty edge, but without sacrificing heaviness or clarity.

The first thing you'll notice about this release is the completely disgusting vocals. The singer conjures some inhumanly low, reptilian growls that I would compare to those of Demilich, only not quite as deep (nobody can top Antti). The guitars have a unique, almost liquidy tone to them that is actually not far from the sound on "Nespithe" as well, but that's pretty much where the Demilich comparisons end. The drummer pounds away with relentless double bass and some very tasteful blastbeats. The bass is incredibly heavy and packs a punch more powerful than a cyclone taking down a hundred churches. This is definitely some morbid stuff.

The music is insanely fast and remains at breakneck speeds throughout most of the demo. Each song has like 15 different fucking riffs, with nearly as many guitar solos that keep dropping down like beheaded angels from high heaven. There are, however, some nice slower sections thrown in where everything takes a break from the hideous, demonic beating. The title track does just that at the half-way point where some doom-like riffs are intersected with the sound of tolling bells.

Fans of early Morbid Angel, Blasphemy, Necrosanct and even "Reign in Blood" would love this. A short review for a short demo, but you shouldn't be wasting time reading this anyway... Go find it now, and worship!