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Amazing! - 98%

Warlock31, March 30th, 2018

I've already reviewed an album by this band, but they are just so good I must review more. ''De Natura Daemonum" is a superb death metal release. It has everything, the creativity, the musicianship and instrumentation. the atmosphere, (something that a lot of new OSDM bands are seeming to forget about), etc. Now, I will try and go over some of these aspects of the album.

First off, the creativity. This album has a ton of it. It starts of with a nice and short intro track, titled ''Into The Nethermost''. An epic guitar riff over synths and satanic chanting, is the way this album starts off. The track later continues with more ritualistic riffage and then we get into the title track. In the middle of ''Black Demons'', a creepy acoustic guitar track starts playing over a demonic spoken voice, which seems to tell a tale of demons ravaging the land. There are two short interludes on this album, titled ''Qarqacha, Demon of Incest'' and ''The Witch''. The former is perfect. Layers of woodwinds and strings come together, forming a very suspenseful and eerie sound, while again, a spoken voice speaks of a Andean legend, a theme that Mortem has put into their lyrics numerous time. Then at the end, ''They call me Qarqacha, THE DEMON OF INCEST!''. This demon starts laughing, while an intense orchestra track plays. Awesome, and frankly, this interlude sounds like it could fit a horror movie. ''The Witch'' is not as epic, but still interesting. It seems to take place during the Salem witch trials period of American history, and it is a dialogue between a witch and her persecutor. She is sentenced to death by drowning, and then screams evilly, ''I AM IN THE HANDS OF SATAN''and starts laughing maniacally. Also sounds like it could be part of a horror movie. The actual instrumentation of the album demonstrates this creativity too. There's a ton of variety, with fast tempos, mid tempos, and slow tempos plaguing the album, and a cool part is the solos, many of them feature these evil and awesome sounding dual harmonies. Heck,there's even some sweep picking! Almost all the tracks possess tempo changes. That, combined with the interludes and non-death metal parts of some songs, make it so the listener is never bored. The lyrics on this album vary as well, but they all have to do with supernatural death and evil in some way. In my opinion, they are generally very well written and entertaining. For example, the song ''Shadows That Pray To Asurah,'' talks about Hindu mythology, (you don't see that very often in death metal lyrics do you) but the lyrics are told in a really cool way, that will have you screaming along with them at some parts. One thing I forgot to mention is the riffs are evil, and yeah, you need that in death metal, and especially in this album.

But you know what all these parts of the album add up to the. The atmosphere. It just is a very creepy, spooky death metal album, and it's perfect to listen to at night. Whenever I listen to this album, which I do a lot, (it never gets old!) I just want to go watch some horror movie, and the production accentuates the demonic qualities of this album, which is a plus.

If you like any of the qualities I listed in this review, then listen to this album, and the rest of Mortem's discography, which is also killer. It amazes me how underrated this band is.