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The world's most underrated death metal band!!! - 100%

Adrian_Grave, July 6th, 2008

I have been following Mortem for quite some time now, and one thing that hits me about this band is that they'r just getting better and better with each release. Nothing prepared me for this, which is definately my best purchase I have made so far this year, it just reeks of perfection. It's a crime that this band has been kicking ass since 1986 and didn't get the recognition they deserved, while fake "death metal" bands such as Job for a Cowboy have been playing shit bland passionless "death metal" since 2002 and the whole world adores them, death metal is complicated.

The guitar work over here is godly, both the guitars work together to create a dirty, vile and memorable rhythm sound that'll tear your soul apart, aswell as creating dark melodic passages that'll make the hairs on the back of your neck stand. The solos here are amazing, they just ooze of death, and all of them are plagued with evil melodies. Alot of the guitar work is done at light speed, aswell as enough midpace sections to create variety and avoid from being repetitive. There are also a few moments of greatness on this album where guitar work is done so well that I got shivers running down my spine the first time I spun this cd (this has only happened several times in history, and this is the first time it happened more than once on the same cd).

The vocals sound horrifyingly evil and aggressive, the vocalist screams into the mic with enthusiasm and passion, which is how death metal vocals should be done. It is amazing to see a vocalist maintain such passion for over twenty two years. Fernan Nebiros must be the most underrated vocalist of all time. He sounds like a demon throughout this album, and there is also alot of variety here with regards to the vocals, you get everything from low growls to high pitched screaming, done tastefully, and while the instruments are all going off full tilt, Fernan spits his words out in a vicious thrashy style, and in the slower sections, his vocals have got a doomy edge to them. I'd even go as far as to say that Fernan is the Peru counterpart of Swedish death metal legend, Matti Karki (both are unrivaled within their own country, even in their continent).

The drumming here is done very well, none of that overrated blastbeat wankery, this has proper old school death metal drumming that actually gives the other instruments breathing space so you can hear what they'r doing, while still sounding brutal. The drumming also keeps to the pace of the music and stands out as it's own instrument.

The whole cd is great, each song stands out in it's own way and has it's own strong points, and it is evident that this band puts more emphasise on sounding evil (the old school way) than in trying to be BROOTAL (the trendy way). I can't really single out songs because it won't do the cd justice, from beginning to end the songs destroy! From the more straight foward songs like Black Demons, to the epic Superstition, to the crushing De Natura Daemonum, this cd is a solid masterpiece.

Why this album hasn't got a review yet is beyond me, as it is a gem masterpiece! If your into pure evil death metal undefiled by lame trends, then do yourself a favour and buy this, and buy any other Mortem cd you see lying around, I got 3 of their cds and they'r all great!