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Fun, catchy thrash - 76%

UltraBoris, January 23rd, 2003

This is a certainly enjoyable album... some of the songs are better than others, but there really isn't anything "bad" on here.

The first side is definitely the stronger side, especially the first three songs. The first is a little intro, that leads into a nice thrasher, "Women in Leather". Then, "The Battle of Lebanon" is another excellent thrasher, with some nice fucking headbanging riffs. "Terrorist guns for hire!!!"

"Liar" and "Blood, Death, Hatred" are pretty competent, though at times the choruses seem to be lacking in punch, and the riffs are a bit too self-similar in these songs. "Mortal Slaughter" is nice and fast, and "Into the Fire" is another classic. The title track is last, and is also quite good, almost matching the first few songs.

Overall, it kinda deteriorates, and the riffs are a bit similar-sounding at times, but in general it is certainly a good album. Good melody, reminiscent at times of Laaz Rockit, especially in the over-the-top riff work of some of the songs. Not bad at all.