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Decent second tier thrash - 79%

The_Boss, May 1st, 2008

Taking in influences from bands like mid-era Metallica, Annihilator, and Laaz Rockit, Mortal Sin is an Australian thrash band that has stunned the down under community with an ’87 release of ballsy melodic thrash combined with the aggressive riffing to help to create a rather unnoticed thrash album. While this certainly is nothing outstanding and original, it’s a fun listen and deserves to be in every serious thrasher’s collection. A short debut release around 35 minutes, Mayhemic Destruction just oozes badass thrash from the get go, take notice with the cover art work.

The album starts with a short instrumental song with some typical thrashing riffs and leads up into a great intro song Women in Leather. The headbanging continues straight into the highlight of the album, Lebanon, featuring some heavy riffs that will certainly get your head moving all the way through it’s 7 minute length. The entire song doesn’t relent as chanting along with the chorus or banging your head senseless to the mighty main riff. Other highlights would obviously be the very catchy and powerful Blood, Death, Hatred with the vicious opening and awesome riff that follows; and with such a powerful bass line as well! It’s always nice to have an amazing bassist especially in thrash, and Andy Eftichiou makes himself known all throughout this album, check out the bass fills on Women in Leather or already mentioned the super powerful and heavy bass line in Blood, Death, Hatred. Into the Fire also features a nice bass line as well as some decent vocals and back up “gang” vocals.

The musicianship here is competent, already mentioned was the bassist being very important to thrash metal as well as the guitars; Paul Carwana and Keith Kristin are a talented duo, with heavy and powerful riffs surely to get your head moving and the solos here are also done well; taking on a similar approach as Testament, it seems that unlike some thrash bands each song is limited to one solo instead of multiple solos in one song which I would rather prefer. Drumming duty is competent and nothing extraordinary, it’s what it should be for thrash metal, although there isn’t much double bass action.

The only complaints I have with Mayhemic Destruction is; production and vocals. The vocals here are nothing amazing and Matt Maurer just passes by as a vocalist. It’s probably the production that hinders him, but he does a decent job showing little variety in his singing other than in the title track where it seems he attempts primitive death metal growls that don’t exactly fit well with the rest of the album. He does a passable job with little variety and it would have been nicer to see a more talented vocalist. The production here is the biggest hindrance; being as someone previously mentioned “minimalist” is an accurate description but while it was passable then I think if it had been a bit more refined where the vocals weren’t as bad in the mix this would have brought it up more.

So this is a classic example of thrash metal with perfect guitars and bass with just simple drumming and vocal patterns. The highlights are obviously the heavier riffs and badass bass lines but nothing is worthy of keeping the attention in the songs being simple and bland like the vocals. It’s obviously passable but it would stand out more if it worked better. Other than the little variety and semi-blandness of those parts, this is a very enjoyable thrash release that seems to get little exposure. Mortal Sin are quite uncommon especially in a thrash conversation but Mayhemic Destruction is quite the thrash release with some highly enjoyable moments, just brought down by some bland parts. Every serious thrasher should check this out though, definite quality second tier thrash.