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Thraaassshhh!! - 78%

UltraBoris, January 23rd, 2003

So if Testament or Sacred Reich or any of those 'wiffle ball' thrash bands decided to grow some balls, and get some really fucking catchy riffs, then this is what they may end up with. The album kinda fades by the end, but there are some excellent riffs scattered about.

Highlights are definitely the first two songs. "I Am Immortal" and "Voyage of the Disturbed" are classic thrash metal. Lots of fun catchy riffs, in that Laaz Rockit sense of the word. Also, "Innocent Torture" to begin side two is pretty good, as is the inexplicably titled "H". The only really weak track is "Robbie Soles", which is relies on one silly pun. "R. Soles in government". Okay, read that one fast and with an Aussie accent. Ha ha.

Anyway, it's a pretty fucking good album. Nothing really radical or mindbreaking, but they do have some balls, which poor Sacred Reich seem to have cut off in the name of fun. Certainly an album worth getting.