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The resurrection of Melodic Death - 100%

sam09metal, August 1st, 2010

Finland has been known to produce much less melodic death bands than Sweden, the origin of Gothenburg. But the country has produced such quality melodic death bands that literally hooks you to the genre. One of them is Mors Principium Est.

When I first heard Mors, by that time, I had heard lots of melodic death bands that simply are copies of each other. You would literally find no difference between COB, Norther & early Blood Stain Child. Mors Principium Est was like a kick in the faces of those copycats. Unlike COB, they dont playing those irritating Christmas keyboards. Their keyboards are atmospheric & are used sparingly, taking the backseat and control the ambiance of the tracks.

"The Unborn" is the second album of this Finnish melodeath act and by far known to be the best album by them. The intro track "Pure" punches you in the face with brutal fast riffs & extraordinary drumming. The vocals are brilliant & the best growlings i've ever heard. The raw power of the intro track will give you an an idea that Mors are in for some serious business.

Most of the "The Unborn" tracks are brutal as the "Pure". The songs are fast, catchy and melodic, a combination you won't find much in melodeath. The fastest track of the album is "Fragile Flesh". You have to listen to it to believe it.
The songs are mostly atmospheric which adds depth to the tracks. Songs like "Two Steps Away","The Unborn" and "The Glass Womb" are slower compared to the other tracks and more atmospheric, which doesn't let the album stagnate to one particular style.

The lyrics are very well written & are mostly based on loss, death and end of humanity. Here's one verse from "The Unborn" song :
"Smell the stench of the human flesh
See the bodies so rotten
The broken arms and the broken legs
No chance to get away from them
A lonely girl standing in the dust
Her eyes are cold and blind
The world is dead, there is no hope
We must never be born."

The guitar solos are something worth mentioning. They are fast, melodic and brutal! Anyone who has heard "Another Creation" from their previous album will understand what I mean. "The Harmony Remains" and "Pressure" has got the fastest solos you are ever going to hear.

If you are over with COB and those irritating Christmas keyboards and copycat melodeath bands, Mors is where you begin. The band takes you "into the music", which no other melodeath band can. When you have heard all "The Unborn" songs and reach the end of the outro "The Glass Womb", you will know what you missed all these years.