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Sophomore triumph - 100%

Writhingchaos, February 17th, 2017

After gushing about their first album and overplaying the heck out of it for months on end, I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into this one. And rest assured, I was not disappointed in the slightest. I mean my word, this albums rips and how. Let me just say this for now - If you dug Inhumanity, then this album is most certainly right up your street. If you didn’t, then this one isn’t really going to change your mind about how you feel. As simple as that. “Pure” is one of the most blistering album openers I’ve heard in awhile with a super-catchy main riff along with some ethereal female vocals as well. Oh and don’t forget the epic role of the keys as well and the mellow breakdown. Truly the album opener to end all album openers. Yep, you heard that one right. “Blood Of Heroes” and “No More” and of the more straightforward variety of melodeath with a former having one hell of a solo to boot.

During my initial phase of getting into the melodeath genre, I was more into the straightforward sound of bands like Cob and Kalmah without really having much of a clue about the atmospheric stalwarts of the genre sadly. Well, suffice to say that now it’s the exact opposite case, having outgrown the more straightforward sound. Why? Simply because that side of melodeath is much more lasting and the way the guitars and keys are integrated to create a gorgeous wall of atmosphere is almost second to none, as opposed to the two being primarily used for lead pyrotechnics. Speaking of which “The Glass Womb” is an amazingly composed instrumental even recalling some of Opeth’s melancholic moments (think Damnation) as well as having an equal mix of both brutally epic and calm soft parts as well.

Listen to “Two Steps Away” (one of my personal favourites off the album) and the epic title track (along with some amazing female backing vocals as well) for some gorgeous keyboard arrangements as well. A great deal of you may initially scoff at the last statement in the previous paragraph, but that kind of melodeath takes it time to truly grow on you after every listen. And there lies the hidden beauty. Initially after the first few listens, even I thought that the second half of the album has not as good as the first, but repeated listens showed me how wrong I was. Check out songs like “The Harmony Remains”, “Parasites Of Paradise” (one of the more brutal songs on the album), “Pressure” (another brutal winner) and “Altered State Of Consciousness” (a super-killer yet simply brutal intro riff) for some face-peeling guitar licks and groovy riffs guaranteed to get you headbanging in no time at all. They don’t make ‘em like this no more folks. Especially not an album where every song is so goddamn catchy.

To all of you still wondering where I stand with this album, there’s just one thing that you need to know. Mors Principium Est are one of the undisputed goddamn kings of melodeath and this album does nothing but prove that fact tenfold. I would honestly kill to hear any of these songs live. In case you haven’t figured out, I am simply out of superlatives at this point. So just shut up with your useless bickering about other bands being better and pick this one up right now. You’ll thank me later.