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From Tolkien Lore to Egyptian Mythology - 81%

bayern, September 12th, 2018

This was the first stint for Karl Sanders, the Nile founder and mainman, who honed his weapon here alongside the bass player Chief Spires and the drummer Pete Hammoura both of them also members of the death metal legends (the first few albums). At this early stage it was all Tolkien and his mystical rings judging by the band name, with death and doom pouring over the hapless listener…

But only text-wise, mind you; in the music department we have vintage retro thrash with an inspired David Wayne-like (R.I.P.) banshee behind the mike the guy dexterously, also quite passionately at times, guiding the future Nile practitioners for a thrilling roller-coaster ride which on “The Hatemongers” is pure headbanging bash, invigorating hyper-active shredding that becomes both slower and more entangled on “Horror of Warfare”, a dynamic mid-tempo proposition that may remind of some of the material from Metal Church’s “The Dark”. The formula gets repeated later hitting a not very eventful low on the slightly dragging proto-doomster “Black River” before the guys embark on a more intricate and more energetic journey with “Let the Sword Descend”, a smashing technical thrasher with furious flying riffs with a pronounced aggressive, not proto-death yet though, flair.

A capable obscurity which is worth tracking down, and not only by Nile fans as the latter will come across very different music from the one witnessed on the works of that act. Reportedly, based on an interview with Sanders, there was another demo recorded after this one, but unfortunately it has been irrevocably lost to the world… a possible precursor to the complex deathly twists and turns of the River Nile?