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Moros Nyx - Rite of Rebellion

Acolytes of Moros - 77%

Metantoine, May 8th, 2015
Written based on this version: 2014, Digital, Independent (Bandcamp)

I discovered this band due to their presence on the awesome American true metal festival Ragnarokkr (that I'd like to attend one day) and due to their awesome artwork, I decided to give them a chance. The cover art of this demo (released digitally, on vinyl, on tape and on CD) is pure trad metal pushed to its cheesy apex. It looks like a scene out of a corny (but so enjoyable) fantasy/science fiction roleplaying game (don't forget to notice the pistol at the side of the knight) and I'd like to print the cover and color it! It reminds me of the amateurish charm of fellow Americans Realmbuilder, in any case it's much better than CGI/computerized art.

Musically, the Chicago natives are uncompromising in their revival nature. It's a mix of virile speed metal with heavy metal, power metal and even hard rock goodness. They preach at the altars of Dio (see both his solo career and his involvement with Rainbow), Helloween but also the old school attacks of US based Savage Grace or Brocas Helm. It's raw, melodic stuff but it's not sugary like modern power metal, it's fast, aggressive with high pitched vocals with some added venom to them. Some vocal melodies are straight from the Ronnie James book of wonders and Matt Papai (also guitars) is an apt vocalist, there's even an extra epic feel with some chanted background vocals (see the excellent track Child of the Dream)

After a short instrumental introduction with sorrowful leads and a horn preceding the battle, we get three blistering rippers full of catchy guitar leads and riffs. It's pretty well produced for a demo, it's groovy, the bass is present and enjoyable but the drums could be a bit more metallic and heavy. It's not adventurous, it's carefully written trad metal for the true fans of the genre. They shouldn't be expected to release some avant garde fuckery anyway. Even though it's called “Rite of Rebellion”, they're not rebelling against the old ways, they're embracing them. It's perfectly fine since their influences are solid.

The band has a lot of potential based on this demo, it was released more than a year ago so I bet they're working hard on a their debut full length. Anyhow, this is an impressive first release from Moros Nyx and y'all should listen to it.

Metantoine's Magickal Realm