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Top class atmospheric sludge - 85%

FishTailedGoat, October 27th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2018, Digital, Independent

I stumbled across Morne on Bandcamp. I confess I clicked on them principally because of their name (my wife grew up near the Mourne Mountains – yes, slightly different spelling) and because of the striking black and white album cover.

I’m glad I gave them a listen.

This is enormous, destructive, powerfully heavy music. The riffs brim with menace and pound relentlessly, cycling over and over for longer than most bands would dare to play with, creating an almost hypnotic tension. The vocals are torn from the throat – a harsh, abrasive style that is more shout than growl. And to top it off Morne aren’t afraid to rip out some beautifully melodic solos. This is top class stuff.

There isn’t anything fast on this album; everything is delivered in a slow-medium tempo that is perfect for slowly nodding your head to – it’s not dragging, it’s just that Morne’s interpretation of heavy is crushing-you-like-a-rockfall rather than running-you-over-at-top-speed. Points of reference include early Cult of Luna (minus the annoying ‘crash as a hi-hat’ drumming that marred that band’s initial offerings), a touch of Neurosis and a splash of ‘Remission’-era Mastodon. It’s sludgy and sticky and goddamn heavy.

My only gripe – or preference, perhaps – would be for a bit more variation in the vocal delivery, which is a little one dimensional. Some deeper or higher punctuations would add dynamism.

I’ve been blasting this a lot and its gripping. Check ‘em out.

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