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The definitive NSBM recording. - 99%

blackmetalfan, April 11th, 2007

Morke had been creating musical terror since 1992, but with the members of the band departing as the years went on, Morke was reduced to a one-man project, helmed by Konig Asura.

There's a lot to be said about NSBM nowadays. "Yeah, ok, do they really MEAN what they're singing?" is the most prevalent question the skeptics ask. Before the orchestral grandeur rbegan to proliferate the genre, Morke created simple, dissonant songs of pure, unbridled aggression. This, Morke's third demo, was the first great release by this underrated band. Morke's lyrics early on were exclusively in German, but here, some English lyrics appeared.

On the first two Morke demos, F├╝rst Azazel was the vocalist, and his rather nasal shriek was hardly preparation for Konig Asura's vocal performance here. This guy screams, bellows, pukes, and otherwise mangles his voice during his performance, and he does it all with an incredibly thick German accent.

This demo has what 99% of other NSBM releases lack, and that is aggression of a simple, yet powerful manner. No keyboards, no folk instruments, no alternated sung and grunted vocals, just guitar, bass, drums, and truly unhinged vocals.

"Ave Satanas III" is undoubtedly the highlight here, eight and a half minutes of insanity on tape. Konig Asura's vocal is arguably his greatest work. The last minute is one of the great moments not just of NSBM, but of metal itself.

So in the end, NSBM has risen, fallen, and basically lived in mediocrity for well over eight years. Morke stands alone in the history of NSBM as the genre's definitive progenitor(s), and this demo stands head and shoulders over every other NSBM recording out there.

Absolutely essential.