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Morgul - Sketch Of Supposed Murderer - 88%

Autumn_Twilight, August 14th, 2008

Jack D. Ripper, the man responsible for this album, has decided that he could very well do everything himself and it seems that he can. The key to this album is atmosphere. A unique, twisted, dark atmosphere weaved from threads of industrial, gothic, doom, dark and black metal. A journey into insanity. The problem is that sometimes this research of a strange atmosphere gets in the way of pure musical enjoyment and some short parts can get a little annoying. Nevertheless those parts are very short and if you're carefully listening to the album rather than just playing it in the background they'll help set up the mood. The album ends with a cover of 'She' by Kiss. I think that cover wasn't such a great idea, it's not so bad in itself but it clashes with rest of the album. Technically, it's well played although not amazing and with very good production.

I realize that not everyone is going to like this album, but I think it has its moments of genius that make it well worthwhile to metalheads with a taste for originality and creativeness.

Outstanding Songs: "Violent Perfect Illusions", "Dead For A While", "Truth, Liars And Dead Flesh", "Stealth".