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Just Make it Stop - 30%

Five_Nails, November 26th, 2016
Written based on this version: 2013, Digital, Independent

A particularly evil opening for an absurdly bloody cartoon is exactly what you're getting here. Straightforward mindless indulgence in noisy crap. I loved “Constant Negative”, however this is more “Unspoken King” than “Constant Negative” and we all know how shit that road is. Where a song like “Mother of Dog” built its way to the insanity, scrambling towards what grew into a groove, “Bringer of the End” is a constant flow of too prominent a guitar sound, tight but barely audible drumming, and a saturation of vocals that clash as they blend into each other. This song is as thrown together as the show looks and overall just really isn't necessary. Sure, not every song has to be some serious meditation on the style or move the Earth, but it doesn't have to completely suck too, does it?

Dissonant, disgusting, and disjointed, this song's quality easily reflects that of the show. The titular character, voiced by prominent metalhead comedian, Brian Posehn, is as one-dimensional as the production built around him and the patchy theme song lazily tossed at it. At only two minutes and forty seconds, there really isn't much more to say about this song than that it is a superfluous addendum to a cartoon that nobody asked for.

At least Dethklok and Metalocalypse had a funny gimmick. This is not funny and it's not going to last. This song is really just violently fluctuating for the sake of doing so, kind of like splattering a page with red just because you can. At least Mr. Pickles went down such a road of depravity that the entire world based around it was a perversion of innocent old-timey towns. This is just a throwaway premise that got taken too far. Like the show is tough on the eyes, “Bringer of the End” is brutal on the ears but, maybe in trying not to be as gimmicky as Dethklok, they tried too hard to be brutal.

Massive and Brutal! - 96%

arcanusdevious, April 22nd, 2013

Since the disgusting Not Dead Enough ep that was released back in 2001 up through 2009's brilliant Constant Negative ep, I have been a Morgue Supplier fan. Whether I waited anxiously for one of their new releases with my mouse cursor looming over the “click to buy” button, or I roughed a stinky dive bar, standing shoulder to perspiring shoulder with other loyal maniacs, I have always given them my support. Morgue Supplier has always blurred the line between death metal and grindcore in a way that suits my personal tastes best.

With that said, it came as a pleasant surprise when I discovered that Rug Burn Studio approached the band with the idea of composing a theme song for 'Executioner', one of their new up-and-coming, ultra-violent, internet-based animated shows. Voiced by comedian Brian Posehn, Executioner exposes a bloody mess of a tale about a hooded medieval executioner stuck in modern times who makes a living doing what he does best: killing stuff brutally. The song most definitely does not disappoint. Bringer of the End's chugging/oozing guitar chords and fretboard slides (think Morbid Angel’s Where the Slime Live) fat, yet crisp bass lines, spastically perfected drum beats, and absolutely bestial vocals definitely do the show and Morgue Supplier fans justice. These guys continue to play with filthy, yet razor-like precision. Any fan of heavy music - extremely heavy...I'm talking a star collapsing upon itself and going supernova heavy - will love Morgue Supplier’s furious ode to Executioner.

In retrospect, Bringer of the End is an anthem that celebrates unbridled destruction in all of its glorious absurdity and is definitely the driving force behind this show's comically grisly themes. Brutal and heavy are the pillars Morgue Supplier has built their stylings upon and this new track delivers the sickness in spades.

Hats...errr...heads off to you - 75%

autothrall, April 17th, 2013

Executioner looks to be another of those ultra violent comedy 'toons in the vein of Metalocalypse, Superjail!, and the ill-fated Korgoth of Barbaria (which I really wish had gotten a full run beyond the pilot). With comedian Brian Posehn voicing the lead character in the gravelly, menacing tone you might expect, it definitely looks to prove entertaining for the cross-section of cartoon fans, extreme music junkies and stoners generally attracted to similar series, of which I probably must include myself, being a hardcore follower/DVD collector of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Sealab 2021, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and the Venture Bros. But what's really sweet about Executioner is that, being a slightly more underground production than those I've named, they've also gone with an underground band for the OP theme, specifically Morgue Supplier out of Chicago, who you might recall from their great 2009 EP Constant Negative.

I've watched the brief clip I was given of the song playing alongside the animation, and then listened to the track on its own a number of times, and I have to admit it's consistent in quality with the earlier material I've heard. Spastic, jerking death metal with parallels to grind and dissonant, mathematical metalcore (Burnt by the Sun, Coalesce, etc.) Dense, chugging chords are alternated with bursts of blasted intensity, while the chord progressions always have a highly textured, fulsome quality about them. Vocalist Paul Gillis uses a brute and primal death metal inflection redolent of Martin van Drunen, only with some extended growls and the accompaniment of venomous rasps as added viscera. The bass tone is swarthy, distorted and thick enough that, in combination with the shifting rhythm guitars, create a corpulent atmosphere unto themselves, which doesn't exactly require melody or lead guitar spurts to round it off, especially within the confines of the brief track length (about 2:40). Drums remain tight when varied through the blasted outbreaks and the loping, massive grooves, and in conjunction with the fat rhythm guitar chugging it's all quite forceful.

It's a digital single, released through Itunes and other sites, and unlikely to appear in its full incarnation once the episodes begin airing on YouTube soon through Rug Burn cartoons (who are also putting out animated clips of the Axe Cop comic). However, as a teaser for a hinted new Morgue Supplier full-length, this is certainly something to be excited over. It fits in seamlessly as a transition from the earlier material, and deals with a balance of older and contemporary influences that you don't hear all too often of late. I can't promise that this particular track is painfully memorable, but its abusive and concussive enough for fans of death and grind hybrids which think outside the box without seeming trendy or insincere (see also Flourishing). Well worth a listen, and hopefully the cartoon itself will not prove a hack job, and live up to the brutality..."Bringer of the End" ensures that Posehn and the animators have their work cut out for them...but enough of my bad puns, check out the tune.