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AgentofChaos, September 13th, 2021

The work of this sick act from beyond the grave water is dedicated to all real and pseudonecrophiles. It is already known that it will not be pleasant, and the more sensitive individual should give up on this production already. They should not even look at the cover of this release but get as far away from it as possible. Morgue Dweller drives thickened, pathological, crushing goregrind spiced up with raw, original death metal patents.

Every section is built on the basis of audial opposition that brutally throws us with a hail of blasts or cruelly dents us to the ground, the heavy riffs barbarously tear us apart, dragging the guts out, and the vocals, which are mostly vomit of all possible assortment along with the suggestive samples, perfectly complementing this fucking brutal flesh. You can hear the influences of Last Days of Humanity, Repulsion, Regurgitate on "Necrophile", and a pinch of "Reek of Putrefaction" by you know who...But at the same time you can feel a dark, disturbing vibration in these sounds, which I associate to some extent with Lymphatic Phlegm and Neuro-Visceral Exhumation.

It is true that this material was constructed from relatively simple ingredients, but it is precisely in this relative simplicity, and above all in the twisted, morbid, perverse atmosphere that pours out of these sounds, that lies the monstrous power of these compositions, which are unearthly, but at the same time deluding and captivating. Inviting you to the world of the forbidden, obscene, debauched, degenerate, and deviant pleasures consisting in the company of the dead.

The sound, as it befits a purebred goregrind tone, is juicy, fat and dripping with brutality. Thanks to the fact that Morgue Dweller occasionally peers into the musty, sweet-smelling decay that the atmosphere of this albums draws. It's death metal sound is also enough to make anything coming next unpredictable. Refreshingly, it did not simply merge into a single, unreadable, bloody mass of complete noise.

Fuck, I was blown by this less than fifteen minute dose of cruel nastiness by the Graveyard Lurker. Since I personally like to bask in such dense, obscene, and specifically deranged sounds, I will be closely following the further developments of this project, while all those who want macabre exhilaration, or a quite detailed course of necrophilia, I invite you to familiarize yourself with the work of Morgue Dweller. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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