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the real Morgion - 95%

nuclearpowergrind, July 2nd, 2013

I can't believe nobody reviewed this record yet!! I will begin as to say this a way different beast as they would become on their Relapse full-lenghts and this may not appeal to fans of their majestic, gothic doom to be found on said albums. It was 1992 and Southern California was vomitting amounts of crusty grinding and doomy acts such as Mindrot, Phobia, Excruciating Terror, Catalepsy, Sadistic Intent, Carcinogen, Immortal Fate and so on. They all had one thing in common : they all fuckin crushed you into pulp. Morgion during that period was no exception.

What we have here is 2 songs of absolutely guttural and doomy death metal of great quality. When I first put that 7'' on the turntable, I couldn't believe it was the same band that I found so lame on the Relapse compilations I had and was blwn away instantly ! That said, I am from a grindcore / old school death back ground so maybe that was more the thing I was searching for in the first place.

The vocals are a guttural mix of Ross Dolan from Immolation and Dan Kaufman (guitarist in Mindrot and Vocalist on the first 2 Dystopia records). They fuckin slay! The guitars are downtuned as fuck and have an almost Finnish feel to them, not unlike the melodies used by Abhorrence and early- Amorphis. The bass plods along but really is just following the guitars. The drums are a simplistic and to mid-paced at their more sped up. There is a synth part only, played by Matt Fisher from Mindrot. The So Cal scene was known for trading memebers between bands and was very incestuous.

All in all, this EP is a mandatory addition to any old school death, grind,doom head. The only reason I gave it 95% was its brevity. Seek that 7'' any way you can you won't be disappointed.