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Dark, gloomy and BRILLIANT. - 80%

Snxke, July 28th, 2004

A band that yoinks their name from a fantasy series is normally not the sort of band I would be quick to support but Morgion are a death-doom fest that cannot be easily ignored. This startling produced record is thick with heavy bass-oriented riffs, clear leadwork and rolling-thunder drumming that brings life to a shocking slow rhythm section. Morgion craft longer epics that slide between mid-paced Sabbath groove (not Pantera groove) and slower doom pieces that make one think of Eyes of Ligeia. Solid chops, grunting (but not silly) vocals and well planned movements help one get into the darker mindset that is intially clouded by the strange-fantasy aspect.

There isn't one clunker on this black morass of doom, in fact it's one of the few CD's I play from end to end without needing to look at the insert to figure which songs I wish to skip. This is incredibly rare, as few bands can keep my attention beyond the rare classic song they drag up. While few of these songs stand as "metal classics" on their own...the flow of the album lets the songs wind in and out like a story (though tasteful, the music - not the lyrics- tells the story here)...I am truly impressed with the thematic musical narration presented here.

Morgion are unsung heroes in many ways...but they've mixed the best of death and doom metal and get my full endorsement. I suggest that you pick this up, possibly more than any other CD they have released since it's the most accessible Morgion effort.