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Majestic Indeed.... - 85%

RickJames, June 5th, 2006

I snagged this one for a small price from a small bunch of cds a friend was selling. I had no idea that Among Majestic Ruin was Morgion’s first release, so I thought I was sure to have some interesting listening ahead. And indeed, it’s a stimulating listen.

The landscapes created by grandiose songwriting brings along some interesting interpretations. “In Ashen Tears” brings to me some vista of an ill-fated farewell or some epic failing of the hero’s prototype, e.g. Oedipus. “Travesty” does more than its fair share, moving from one horizon to another, with short, yet interesting changes here and there. I think my favorite track is “Basking Under a Blacksun Dawning,” with the perfect combination of simple yet epic death metal riffs amongst an even more grandiose musical milieu.

This album is atmospheric just as others are. However, this release is much more death/doom than their other releases. The music could be compared and contrasted to the likes of Obscured or some of the earliest Amorphis releases in its epic/atmospheric death metal, although this one’s a bit rough around the edges. I think the production suits the death and doom sound, in any case. The songwriting is excellent, and maintains a significant ability for the band to transition between death and doom, interestingly at times melding them together as well. The atmospheric nature also works as a transition in many cases. Ed Parker’s keys are used very tastefully; the second track “In Ashen Tears” is a well-rounded example. The music is average in technicality, but with what musicianship they display surely heralds the band in its beautiful, yet melancholic nature.

This album is fairly good, although it seems like it should’ve been an EP. It’s too short for my taste, but it exceeds in quality more than quantity in this case.