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Forgotten gems of the 80s Italian panorama Pt.2 - 90%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, May 21st, 2009

Roberta Delaude, aka Morgana, was maybe the only true heavy metal queen of the 80s in Italy. Her attitude and strength were famous on the underground and she had to be like this because at the time the metal scene was principally a male one and it was hard to accept a woman. However, the skills she had weren’t a common thing and soon she started to sing in her first band, Hurtful Witch, before turning the name into Morgana. She was the mastermind and she decided the musicians and soon everybody identified her band in her person, creating one of the most mysterious cults of Italy and not only.

This CD was released in 2005 by the same label that had to release it back at the end of the 80s but nothing happened. This album collects several old songs, from the mid 80s era to 1992. The opener “Make me Love” already shows the powerful and personal voice of our Roberta, passing easily through harmonious and dark touches to reach epic peaks in which the instruments are heavier and faster. The production voluntary exalts her voice but the guitars behind are always audible and they can create a good mix of epic, hard rock and speed metal style. The atmosphere is generally sad because also the lyrics are about loss, sadness and love but they always manage to be epic, especially for the vocal timbre and the solo sections.

“Skin on Skin” is the true, fucking hit here because it’s catchy, pissed-off and epic at the same time. Here the riffs are on tremolo and they give the right melody as the vocals do the rest. The structure is simple but who care when you have found those terrific, main riffs. The arpeggios breaks are great to create that sad atmosphere, while “Save Me/Man” is an excellent speed metal track with fast riffs and fast drumming. The catchiness is always truly important while the second part is more reflexive and dark, with clear arpeggios and the atmosphere of pure desperation for a lost love. “Without You” is like a semi-ballad with the characteristic sad touch as the vocals by Morgana here truly display how they can be evocative.

“Lady Winter” is the second best track here because is more bound to the early days with a darker touch, a rawer production and the classic tremolo riffing that gives the main epic progression. A few thrash metal signs can be found here, along with the classic touch of the very first
NWOBHM. “Welcome in the Dark” is a tribute to Black Sabbath for the riffs and the doomy progression, before coming across a few speed metal restarts to vary in a perfect way. The vocals are great here and they easily pass through different timbres, always being really pissed-off and evil. “No Time to Waste” is more hard rock influenced and so catchier, like the last “Show me the Way”, maybe the last song by Morgana.

All in all, this is a small piece of history and it doesn’t matter where you come from. You must listen to it to discover another small, shining gem of the Italian panorama of the 80s.