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With More, You'll Want More - 87%

Danthrax_Nasty, July 17th, 2006

Atlantic released More's little beast back in 1982, with this being their second full length release (and second for Atlantic). Definitely benefiting fully from the major label support, the sound quality on here is remarkably undated, and seriously sounding phenomenal (when cranked to the proper decibel level). Recorded “virtually live” as stated in the liner notes, I’ve got to say this reminds me of a mix of early Raven, the undeniably catchy elements of bands like Fist, and a great grasp of Rock roots with a slight nod to ACDC (and maybe even some classic Kiss) in the sound.

This is, overall, a very straight forward, hard hitting, NWOBHM record that really just does not let up. The albums sound tends to stick to what I imagine the bands live show would sound exactly like. Even the ways the songs are structured seem to be built around the bands sound as its all straight forward Rock n Roll blasting away at 11. There really isn’t many full choruses (even when there is they aren’t raised much above the lead singers standard voice through out), there’s not even much of any overdubbed harmonies (guitar or vocal), and the structure seems in most songs to stray a bit from your standard verse/bridge/chorus/solo.

You’ll notice very quickly that the power of this album lies most on the power of the guitar riffs (and the guitar’s utterly killer tone), which is always a great thing when a band can make that work for them (especially in a style of Metal that has such a Hard Rock base). So yeah, this album gets its back bone from the six string ferocity of Kenny Cox (listen for some awesome shredding soloing in “The Eye”). He’s really got a classic Rock sound in a lot of parts, especially when he’s just sort of jamming with the bassist (nice to see/hear them opt to not include a rhythm guitar as it gives the album a more garage Rock/Metal band feel, except with perfect production).

My only complaint is that the album could have used a couple of more tracks which showed a bit further variety in style (as the album on a whole does not drasticly differ in most parts). It’s a great album, but drags in parts, and overall due to the clearly less than groundbreaking feel, and sound, it’s some what obvious why this band never lasted (even if musically these guys really kicked some ass). But, if you love that classic early 80’s sound of the once reigning British Metal-empire than this is more than worth a listen as its sound quality is certainly above most, and this is one album you can really “feel” musically due to its dependence on Hard Rock rhythms, and always up beat tempos (with little exception).

Get this if you like: NWOBHM, Heavy Metal, or Classic Rock
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