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Swingin' Metal Thrashin' Mad! - 85%

Wacke, May 5th, 2008

Mordred are known for their special style of combinating funk rock along with heavy / thrash metal. Actually, they're probably the only band built on thrash that has used strong funk influences in their music. When "Fool's Game" arrived back in '89, headbangers probably had mixed feelings about it. It's pretty funky all the way through but, this was only the beginning you see...

The opening track "State Of Mind" is a nice litte, or actually pretty mighty thrasher with an excellent chorus. The thrash continues with "Spectacle Of Fear" and know you maybe feel safe? Don't, because "Everyday's A Holiday" is the best and first example of how heavy combinated with funk turns out in the final result. You've never heard anything like this before, that's a guarantee. "Spellbound" is a different example that shows a faster kind of thrash than the previous track and this one as well has a pretty big mouth full of funk. The Rick James cover "Super Freak" is performed with a greatness that few bands are able to do when they cover someone else and it seems like it's funky bands who's most talented in that case. Mordred has that one, Faith No More have Sabbath's "War Pigs" and the Red Hot Chili Peppers have Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground". "Super Freak" is just as good. The remainings are great thrashers with a touch of funk here and there but they're more like average thrash. Actually, several of the tunes on here sounds very much like how Anthrax did at the time. Imagine a fusion between "State Of Euphoria" (1988) and "Persistence Of Time" (1990). This was 1989 and that's maybe why this sounds like something in between these Anthrax albums.

The cast is built on a bunch of long haired (true headbangers have long hair!) 20-25 something guys that probably has alot of experience or practicing since their childhood. They're really good at their thing and they're all just simply excellent on this album. Scott Holderby's vocals can maybe be described as a mix of Joey Belladonna and Mike Patton. He's not the best singer I've heard vocally but I like his voice and it fits the music so damn perfectly. There's also a couple of nice riffing moments on here that might interest you thrash-riff-fans. The bass and the drums are building a steady ground and they're also the funkiest instruments on this album.

So finally to my last comments on "Fool's Game"...

My final rating is 85/100. The reason is actually simple, it's not funky enough!

Mordred didn't invent funk into metal music but they sure did invent it in the thrash folder no matter how weird the combination of it sounds. Their next album "In This Life" is a one step deeper into the funk influence and that's where the REAL Mordred's taking place. This was pretty shy compared to that one which makes this more like an average thrash album with a few funk moments.

Nothing's bad with this album at all. It's still a masterpiece and even though I'm sure that it'll grow even more on me within time, they would only become better with their next groundbreaking album "In This Life".