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Bunkur / Mordor - Bunkur / Mordor

In League with Wotan!! - 65%

droneriot, May 24th, 2019

At least for the purpose of reviewing, when you have to give something a rating as a whole, split releases can be quite annoying. Swiss legends Mordor put out their first new material in God knows how long and it's really quite something. They seriously upped the campy martial Laibach-ish pomp that they always had in their sound in tendencies and it's very becoming to their already addictive style and sees the band's level of awesomeness not only knocked up one notch but several notches. Bam. Just has you itching as a reviewer to dish out a near-maximum rating for the thing, but alas, there's another side to it and we regret to inform you that it's Bunkur.

And I liked Bunkur's Bludgeon album. I realise many people didn't, but I thought it was quite an impressive exercise in extreme minimalism and over-the-top simplistic brutality. It's just that Bunkur is one of those projects like Planet AIDS, Zyklon-B, Sort Vokter, Mescalin Massacre or Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine etc that make one single record as an artistic statement and then never release anything again, because nothing more is necessary. And Bunkur certainly went out of their way to prove that indeed nothing more would have been necessary, or, phrased in reverse, everything more was completely unnecessary. Bludgeon sure was great as a statement, but then they wanted to make an entire discography of it, and with each release you just ask "whyyyyy?" Why are they doing it? It's so far from anything anyone would ever need. Now they're doing a Carnivore cover in the Bunkur style, and again, why? It's super-slow, super-simplistic and very brutal, yeah, wow, like Bludgeon and Bludgeon was a cool idea, but IT DID NOT NEED TO BE REPEATED, certainly not half a dozen times, certainly not violating classic metal songs along the way, certainly not stinking up splits with a ten thousand times more interesting side, certainly and absolutely NOT NEEDED AT ALL. Just quit already, you missed the opportunity to leave your debut album as a singular artistic statement and were dumb enough to keep going for no good reason, doesn't mean you can't at least somehow half-save face still by quitting now. Better late than never.

Yech. It's a Bandcamp release anyway, so just download the Mordor side as an individual track and pretend that NWN! put the other crap on the same page by accident. That at least will absolutely be worth it, because as I mentioned in the opening paragraph, the long-awaited return of Mordor surely is a sight to behold, in terms of hearing of course, I don't actually know what the English language audial equivalent to "behold" is. When I first listened to it I was initially put off a bit by the cheesiness of it, it definitely is quite campy, lots of ridiculous pomp of a Laibach variety, but the more you listen the more addictive it becomes. It really tickles the absolute maximum out of the source material, taking this already very anthemic song and dialing the anthemic to eleven. I dunno, from start to finish it's like something you want to goosestep to in some ridiculous costumes with wicked flags and torches and all the trimmings. Martial beats, synthetic fanfares, generally symphonic pomp heavy on the brass section, overwhelmingly campy marching music crooning dripping with pathos, all with Mordor's signature spine-chilling guitar tone cutting through it all, it is just so perfect and completely infectuous. The kind of song you could listen to a thousand times and never get bored of it.

All that said, next time Mordor want to do something like this, I strongly recommend choosing Zaraza as a partner for the split. Because for all of Mordor's awesomeness, I just can't ignore the 21 minutes of useless garbage infesting this release. I sure as hell would love to give Mordor a rating of 95% or higher for the triumphant return they have indeed made here, but even with a weighted average I can't really give it anything higher than 65% with that crap filling up more than half the run time. Just wish it had been an EP by Mordor alone, or a split with a decent partner, but it is how it is.