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Mordgrund > Gottlose Dunkelheit > Reviews > MRmehman
Mordgrund - Gottlose Dunkelheit

Surprisingly Good! - 80%

MRmehman, November 22nd, 2020

When I was first getting into metal, I somehow stumbled upon Mordgrund. I don't know exactly how or when, it may have possibly been through Metal Archive's random band button but I remember thinking at the time how "cool" I thought they were. Mordgrund's approach to black metal is raw, underground and simple - though even as a dumb teen who's experience with extreme metal was very limited, I realised they were well above average. Their music appealed to me in a way a surprising number of more popular and polished black metal bands simply didn't, though with time my interest sadly waned and I stopped listening to this album after a time. Just last night though, I decided to give this album a spin for old time's sake. Does it live up to my rose-tinted memories? I would certainly say so, yeah.

This EP is made-up of two pretty straight forward tracks. The first, the title-track is a scorching little bit of black metal perfection. Though the riffs sound simple at first, there's enough variation in them to lend the song structure a lot of credence. The contrast between the harsh opening riff and the more melodic second verse function as a well executed one-two punch that really pull you in. The playing also started standing out to me here. Mordgrund's riffs are dirty simple but they're clearly played with so much conviction and the tone is so good the band can really make them work. The drumming as well is superb too; dude never misses a beat. By the time the song ended, I'd been listening to this album for nearly 8 minutes and hadn't even noticed which is no small feet for a humble, early 2000s black metal EP by a more or less unknown band.

The second track (Sehnsucht nach Ewigkeit) starts very differently, giving you a tasteful guitar interlude to refresh your pallet ready for yet more cold black metal riffs. Once again Mordgrund's surprisingly adept song writing really shines though, giving this EP a kind of intensity and atmosphere many probably couldn't do on six tracks let alone two. In fact I think my only complaint is that this album isn't just a little bit longer. I'd even have taken a lazy cover stapled to the end of the track listing, I just need a couple more minutes to invest myself in all this top notch material. I have less to say about this track but that's only because it excels in the exact same ways the previous track does.

For as incredible as it was to have an album I used to adore hold up after all this time, I left this Gottlose Dunkelheit pretty disappointed Mordgrund never really took off or did much else past this. I've only heard a little of their full-length, though I'll have to check it out now after this. Even with that to look forward to, I wince at how unfortunately short and outdated Mordgrund's discography is, the band now having not released any material in a decade. Here's hoping they reconvene soon for another couple releases. That's something I'd throw a few goat's teeth towards.