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Mordgrund > Gottlose Dunkelheit > Reviews > AverseSefira
Mordgrund - Gottlose Dunkelheit

Pinnacle of German Black Metal - 92%

AverseSefira, January 5th, 2005

This band definatly was one of the biggest suprises for me that totally knocked me over. The total cold, crunchy guitar sound that reminds somewhat of the sound Euronymous used to have on De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, the totally desperate atmosphere the guitars manage to create somewhat alike burzum and the vocals shrieked in the typical german way akin to bands like bilskirnir and absurd just make this a true masterpiece. And although clear its influences, this band doesn't sound remotely like any of these bands. It creates a cold, aggressive style of its own.
It shouldn't suprise you that this band hails from the German underground, this isn't the hyperblasting or 'symphonic' satanic crap we get so often nowadays, instead they play raw fast-paced black metal with an atmospheric touch like that of bilskirnir.
The first song kicks in by the sound of a guitar note played that slowely fades away towards to sound of a amplifier squeak, Deimos kicks in a growl along with the drummer hitting the hi-hat. Then the song bursts into full-speed with a killer-riff played that makes you bang your head instantly. The drums gently blast their way through. Gently because this isn't your usual pedals-to-max snare-on-parkison-mode blasting. The drums are pushed somewhat to the background, and blast at a very mid-paced steady pace to create a perfect rhythm for the guitars to follow. Then the vocals kick in, also pushed somewhat on the background, and although screamed very clean you can only make out so much that it is German he must be screaming. With the drums pounding and the guitars roaring this creates an effect as if they are screams in the middle of a fierce snow-storm destined to fade away into oblivion. This isn't all Mordgrund had to over though, after one minute the song stops blasting (but without losing its speed and fury) and we get to hear some great drumming on top of the double base that keeps on pounding. In the whole seven-and-a-half minutes there is enough tempo-changes (ranging from mid-tempo to double base and blasting parts) and different riffs to keep you misanthrops satisfied. Then the second song kicks in which follows in the same vein as its precedor, with a lot of different riffs and tempo-changes without beeing a duplicate of the first song.
At the end of this review the drumming definatly need some special attention, although they're a bit faint in the mix (which only serves the sound right) they're some of the best I've heard in a while. All the time they offer great variation between hi-hat, cymbals, snare and tomtoms and even between tempo-changes, from blasting to double-base and mid-paced parts, the drummers doesn't screw a beat up and keeps on druming in a steady pace.

If you're a fan of the nowadays German black metal scene with bands like Bilskirnir, Fimbulvetr, Kargvint, Odal, Ulfsdalir you should be ashamed you haven't bought this!