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Unmake - 80%

dismember_marcin, November 22nd, 2019

Recently I've learned that Doomentia Records stopped its activity, which is a shame, because I had a lot of respect for this label and amazing job they've been doing with their vinyl releases. Which I have few in my collection and all are top quality stuff. Among them there's "Unmake" EP from Mordbrand. And as you may already remember from my previous reviews, Mordbrand is a band, which I'm big fan of. Their debut CD "Necropsychotic" may not be so fantastic yet, but from the Bombs of Hades / Mordbrand split the music only gets better and better. And "Unmake" belongs to my favourite releases along with "Kolumbarium" EP and "Imago" LP.

"Unmake" is a 12" MLP, containing three exclusive songs and an Exciter cover. The latter is nothing what I would particularly love - but I'm hardly impressed with covers made by death metal bands, especially if they make death metal versions of heavy or speed metal songs. I'm more Mordbrand’s own, straight to the point, traditional death metal offering. And this is great stuff, even if hardly original or definitely not unimaginable in its quality. But Mordbrand, with songs like "Spew Forth Anti-life", simply ticks all the boxes for what awesome old school death metal should be like, especially if it's from a Swedish band. They do not exaggerate with melodic parts, while concentrate more on aggression, heaviness, dark atmosphere and even groove sometimes. But that suits me fine. “Spew Forth...” with all these blasts and viciousness delivers such an enormous dose of energy that this song can only be played loud and heavy. This is what I call a fantastic death metal music.

As I mentioned, Mordbrand do not reinvent the wheel on this EP, but for me it all sounds just very, very good. I don’t think you’ll find this material on a CD, it’s vinyl only release. But that may be a good excuse to get yourself a turntable haha. Recommended!

Standout track: "Spew Forth Anti-life"
Verdict: 80/100