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Mordbrand - Kolumbarium

Consuming Impulse - 90%

dismember_marcin, February 19th, 2013

What a jackass I am. When I first gave a couple of spins to this new 7”EP of Mordbrand titled “Kolumbarium”, after hearing the first song, I told myself “oh, it is really good, very vicious with great, harsh vocals of Per Boder, who sounds here like those guys from bands like Invidious and Degial” and for the second song I told “ah, this one sounds a bit weird”… And then what happened? Fuck, I just realized that I have played this EP at the 45 rpm instead of the classic 33 rpm (and it even says on the vinyl to play it on 33 rpm!!!!)! Haha, what a stupid shit! Fuck it is funny that the song “Consume Them” actually sounded quite good even at 45 rpm. Try it! Anyway, I had start all over again and listen to “Kolumbarium” properly this time.

“Consume Them” is definitely the best track of Mordbrand, which I have listened to so far (although I still haven’t heard their split MLP with Bombs of Hades unfortunately, but I’m working on getting this piece of vinyl as well…). But their first MCD “Necropsychotic” was OK, even if nothing exceptional really… good, but also quite forgettable to be honest. “Kolumbarium” sounds then much better, in my opinion. “Consume Them” sounds to me like one of the most crushing and absolutely killer death metal anthems played in the Swedish style, which I have recently heard. It starts with quite brutal riff – and the sound is also very aggressive and heavy, which is great – but the song has actually many different faces and there are also some more melodic and dark accents and I absolutely love this slow, doomy fragment in the vein of the Winter and Autopsy. It is just a fuckin smasher and it makes my ears bleed and brain has been squeezed into a bloody blob after I’ve listened to it. Oh, it is truly excellent and Per Boder’s vocals are truly great here. But honestly “Consume Them” belongs to those songs, which once you listen to they’ll stay with you for a long time. It is a true descendant of God Macabre and Goddefied, I am telling you that!

But “Let Them Slumber” from side B is also a good song and again I like it more than the stuff from “Nercropsychotic”. The riffing is just way better, the atmosphere is more evil and darker, it is very horror-esque, which is fantastic, especially when the band plays some slower bits and “Let Them Slumber” also has such kind of doomy riffing, which I absolutely worship, while in some other parts the song is almost catchy and surely will invite everyone into the mosh! Ha, so there are two new songs from Mordbrand on “Kolumbarium” (which Deathgasm released in huge quantity of 1000 copies; I managed to get one of 200’s white vinyls) and I can honestly say that the band really shreds here. Can’t wait to listen to a full length album finally!