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Meh - 26%

Slaves_Shall_Serve, July 22nd, 2010

Get a group of 14 year old musicians together and force them to listen to nothing but Blasphemy for a month and tell them to write an album. And you get the basic picture of how musically advanced this album is.
Maybe it's the espanol song titles, or the shitty production, or the fact that every fucking song sounds exactly like the one preceding it, but this album is the definition of mediocrity. Morbosidad tries to sound like Blasphemy and fails miserably. At least Blasphemy keeps a two minute song interesting.
The production on this album is terrible. The guitars are too quiet. The drums and the vocals are too loud. And on the back cover it says they have a bass player, but the bass is non-exsistant in the mix. This album may actually be ok if you could hear what was going on behind the steel wall of blast beats and shitty Beherit rip off growls. But then it wouldn't be as cult would it? Some of the best Black Metal albums have shitty production, but they also had musicians that could write an evil sounding riff. Morbosidad lacks this ability. Or at least the ability to mix the guitar in so you can actually hear it.
Altogether, this album gets a big whopping MEH from me. I'm sure there are people out there to whom this music appeals to, but I'd rather actually listen to Blasphemy and Beherit than sit through this knock-off crap. I'd recommend this to anyone who has the sudden urge to hear a 30 minute recording of some blast beats. I give 25% out of the 26% for the art work.