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Morbid Slaughter - Wicca

Peruvian Black Thrash - Exactly What You'd Expect - 76%

TheStormIRide, June 8th, 2014
Written based on this version: 2014, 7" vinyl, Boris Records (Limited edition)

Morbid Slaughter is a Peruvian blackened thrash band that has existed in the South American underground since forming in 2009. With three demos and a compilation of said demos under their bullet belts, the band returns in 2014 with a limited two track 7”, Wicca, through the United States based Boris Records to the tune of 500 copies.

While Wicca is a short EP, featuring only eight minutes of music, Morbid Slaughter's sound packs a hell of a punch. Hailing from Peru and being named Morbid Slaughter, it should be no surprise that the band opts for a rather raw and dirty approach to blackened thrashing. Indeed, there are strong nods to acts like Vulcano and Nifelheim, but Morbid Slaughter doesn't hesitate to go old school on your ass. The opening track, “Wicca” accentuates this with thrashy, early Bathory vibe with doses of Venom-esque riffing. “Night Breath of God” goes for a faster and vitriolic approach to old school blackened thrash, with an emphasis on fast paced power chords and filthy lead runs. The music is still as acerbic and ripping as their contemporaries, with rip-roaring, thrashing riffs and raspy, growled vocals, but those doses of proto-black sentiments stick out above all else.

While I really like what Morbid Slaughter has going on here, I can't get behind the drum performance. There are some moments of sheer brilliance, which usually occur during a rollicking thrashy beat, but when the drummer tries to get into blasting it falls to shambles. The cymbal get overly loud, the snare pops are too harsh and it just sounds like a mess. It's surprising, though, because while this is a relatively raw style on Wicca, the production is solid, so we can't just blame it on sound quality.

So when the band belts out a full length album, hopefully they clean up the drum performance. I mean everything else is pretty solid. Sure, Morbid Slaughter sounds like a lot of their contemporaries, but those with a keen ear for blackened thrash will find that the band's nods to the fathers of black metal give them a ripping, nostalgic edge. Wicca might only be two tracks long, but the Venom and Bathory vibes are more than evident. I guess this serves its purpose because it definitely leaves me wanting more.

Written for The Metal Observer.