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Morbid Slaughter - Wicca

2 Tracks of Thrashing Madness! - 80%

Akerthorpe, August 25th, 2014

Peru’s Morbid Slaughter’s New EP entitled “Wicca”, reminded me a bit of Sarcofago’s “Rotting” and Sepultura’s “Bestial Devastation” leaning more towards the Sarcofago vibe I would say. On top of that, just for the hell of it these guys add a little Possessed and Exodus into the mix as well. The Exodus is a bit difficult to pick up on but it is there without a doubt. This is an EP that is totally stripped down to basics and uses no fillers what so ever. The solo work is also pretty simple but yet, technical sounding when compared to the simplicity of the riffs. With this EP being only 2 songs, the band really puts forth a good effort here. Especially on “The Nightly Breath of God”. “Wicca” does have its moments and is a good track in its own right, but I don’t feel it’s just as powerful as the other track. A really good move by the band putting the better track on the “B” side of this EP. Doing that definitely ends this recording on a high note.

The drums have a nice thick sound to them and I think this is due to production, as none of the other instruments have this same sounding “thickness” that the drums to. The other instruments have an ever so slight “hollowness” to them but at the end of the day everything blends together rather nicely musically. The vocals remind me of a more gurgled, raspier type pattern like those on the Sepultura song “Show Me Thy Wrath”. This is another one of those bands that has an old school mentality with a new school approach. I would highly recommend this EP to any and every metal head into this type of music!