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Yeah, it works, it's cool... - 75%

Shadespawn, May 4th, 2011

Morbid Sin, sounds like something very oldschool that one should have heard about one time or the other and well, to be completely honest, I've never heard of them, well before I got their collection of demo tapes which was released sometime this year (2011). These guys have been around for a couple of years, 26 to be exact, so that clearly makes them over-the-top cult and old-school or whatever terms you want to give them, even though they released their first full-length album, titled "Sins of the Flesh" in 2010. In other words: these guys are old and judging from the bandfotos I've seen on the Internet they seem to be some kind of thrashy Mercyful Fatey thing. And that's exactly what it is, well vaguely.

This collection is divided into two parts, the first five tracks containing their 1988 "The Arrival of the Sin" demo and the last five their 1992 "Cauldron of Souls" demo. So the music here fits the 80s vibe pretty well, sounding like 80s metal should sound like: screechy, pompous, fast at times with the occasional ballad part or song, the whole cliché stuff that we all know and love. The sound is pretty clear for a demo tape, but considering most speed metal demos to be fair in terms of recording quality, that surely is no surprise. The riffs are crystal clear without much fuzz in the sound, the bass is clearly audibly "booming" with a very slappy sound, drums are executed in a straightforward way without too much technical mish-mash, and the vocals resemble priest or Mercyful Fate, as mentioned before: you've got your long "vibro"-falsettos and high pitched screams, aswell as the low more grunted type of singing that is supposed to sound evil or intimidating in a way or another.

A bit of a surprise on the second part of the tape is the slower doomy song called "The Cathedral", which is the seventh song on this compilation. Here the whole thing slows down a notch and builds itself up similar to the slower Twisted Sister songs, such as "The Beast" which immediately comes to mind. I guess this is an epic song about religion that tells some kind of story.. well however that may be, this is definitely done very well and to put it into understandable terms: it rocks. In fact I think that this songs really saves this demo tape compilation, it's that awesome. Apart from that, the rest continues in the fast paced progression that we've listened to earlier; thrashy, slamming and vicious.

All in all, this compilation was rather enjoyable and yo should check this out if you like one or more of the following: a) the 80s sound, b) not-so-well-known "cult" outfits that do their thing right, c) screeching male vocals, d) Britney Spears' shaved head. I know I definitely prefer Britney Spears bald.