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Crying for Morbid Saint! - 100%

perishnflames, March 29th, 2011

I am going to keep it straight and simple about why this album is the perfect thrash masterpiece. I will also explain why I am putting this album above any other thrash masterpiece. This album has a raw sound in the guitars and in the vocals of Pat Lind, that it is incomparable to other thrash albums. This album is sharp, fast, brutal and makes you panic as it reaches mach 10 speed. The songs here are NOT short, fast palm muted songs, which last 2 minutes. Instead they are fast, with many tempo changes along with progressive and even epic material. The guitars of Jim Fergades and Jay Visser demonstrate maturity on the guitar as the riffs are mind blowing, complex and the guitar solos’ notes are bent out and played through, unlike playing the notes as fast as possible with a wah pedal. Lee Reynolds plays the skins very well and is the base of the tempo changes that makes this album unlike any other thrash masterpiece.

Songs like “Lock up your Children” “Burned at Stake” and “Damien” are short and fast songs, but leave the listener on the edge of their seat and wanting to split their neck, with the sharp guitar riffs and the buzzing guitars like Sonic the Hedgehog burrowing through tunnels with chainsaws running. They may be short songs, but they are complex and feature tempo changes that never leave the listener bored.

The epic songs on this album are spectacular and I am always finding new guitar riffs or tempo changes that astound me. “Assassin” is one of the best thrash songs I have ever heard. This song is over 7 minutes, but has a great deal of riff changes, drum changes and speed changes. The song is thrashy right from the get go and when Pat Lind enters, it sounds like you are being dragged down to hell. They change the tempo numerous times; 1:12, 1:52 and 2:52. At the 3:45 they change their speed and go on a frenzy with the guitars buzzing and the double bass demolishing buildings. At 4:28 they make the coolest riff on the album. The most memorable part of Pat Lind’s vocal performance can be found at 5:59, where he goes on a rapid-fire rant and at 6:16 where he collects himself and the rest of the band ends the song.

Another Epic song is “Scars” in this song the band manages to make the chorus bombastic, memorable and even epic. The song features dark and ensanguined lyrics and has a great deal of tempo changes that leads to the chorus. This song will pave the way for the 8th and final track “Beyond the Gates of Hell” is the final track and will have the listener in engulfed in the flames of hell. The verses are slow and painful, i.e. Slayer’s “Postmortem” However, the chorus picks up fast and is memorable and powerful. The last verse features hellish voices screaming that will have a lasting impact on the listener and have them begging for more Morbid Saint.

My favorite track on this album is “Crying for Death.” This is the most violent and chilling song on this album. The song begins with guitars that sound like a chainsaw and drums that make you clinch in disbelief that time is short. The introduction to this song is so fast that it sounds like a hurricane in a volcano. Between verses the guitar riffs make you begin to hesitate like a time bomb is on the verge of detonating. The refrain makes you feel like Satan is in your presence and there is no way to rid him.

I would definitely consider this album better than any other thrash album created by troika of Slayer, Dark Angel, and Kreator. You might claim that Morbid Saint did not recreate the wheel and they have no originality. The truth is they took albums by the aforementioned bands and made it faster, more brutal, more powerful and made the listener feel like they were in hell. And how about Pat Lind? Pat Lind’s voice is the closest thing I have heard to someone being demonically possessed. He is definitely consistent throughout the album as he can manage to keep the same vibe with his voice as you are traveling through the legions of hell.

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