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Lock up YOUR children thrashers! - 98%

Wra1th1s, June 1st, 2008

And lock 'em up very tight 'cause you do NOT want them to be around when you put this album on! Children and small woodland animals are known to explode in the presence of the mighty Morbid Saint! What we have here is ass-kickery of the highest order, hell this even beats Schizophrenia for sheer brutality! But what makes Morbid Saint so good?

Morbid Saint hails from the American Midwest. Sheboygan, Wiscaahnsin (hehehe) to be exact. You certainly wouldn't expect thrash from there, let alone one of the best thrash albums ever! This album has riffs in spades, not to mention the monster that is Pat Fucking Lind. To top it all off, there's not a single bad cut. Really.

First and foremost, Pat Fucking Lind. I swear to God, this man is a real demon. Alright, there are effects on his vox (mostly reverb/echo,) but his voice still sends chills down my spine every time I put this album on. His growling is different from what the Floridians came up with, Lind's growls are more high-pitched, borderline black metal even. The vox is absolutely vicious on the faster songs like "Lock Up Your Children" and "Damien." On slower songs the vox seem to lose the ferocity and that is a real downer.

The riffs are another highlight. The riffs herein are of no mere "Angel of Death" brutality, they kick pretty much any riff you throw at them except of course Dark Angel's, but that's another review. Listen to the first riff of "Lock Up Your Children," yep the riff before they kick to high gear, that one riff pretty much clocked me in the colon and made me its bitch. I swear, if that riff was human I'd marry it! Then comes the verse riff, oh dear lord! And then the chorus riff, Jesus Christ! Whoa, better calm down. In all seriousness, the riffs in that ONE song alone is worth your money. But good riffs are not only found on the first track, Morbid Saint can actually make an entire album of good riffs. I repeat, an entire album of good riffs! And you thought they were a myth, no sir! One of the best examples of those fine riffs is in "Damien," the verse riff. Hell, the whole damn song is a good example.

The production here is top-notch, it's brutal but you can still hear the bass (my what a novelty!). The drums are pulled forward and the guitars are front and center. The tone is absolutely awesome, thanks Griff! The bass is really audible, you can actually listen to them for the entire length of the album, but why would you? The vox, as I said before, has some effects on them but that only adds to the awesomeness, plus the vox are mixed real loud so the instruments won't overpower it.

Yep, what we have here is essential brutal thrash from America's Heartland. This is one anomaly that I would love to have continued. It's really that good, too bad they only made another record (and it wasn't even released publicly!) I highly recommend tracking down a copy, trust me, it's worth every cent.