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Eddie lives! - 89%

UltraBoris, July 17th, 2003

Damn, this is some fucking awesome thrash right here... never mind the album cover, this is not Aces High or anything (not that there would be anything wrong with that). This sounds like a more American-sounding Destruction, or maybe even Exumer... but again, more bay-area sounding, like an Exodus, except with Schmier-esque vocals combined with riffs that are a pummelling version of Cracked Brain meets Eternal Devastation. This is some fast fucking thrash and it's a real goddamn banger all the time.

The absolute fucking highlight. There's one part of Assassin that is just so insanely, incredibly overwhelmingly thrashy that I cannot begin to process it correctly without going into cranial convulsions. Oh my fucking Jesusoidal trashcan!!! Imagine the best of Destruction thrown together into one six minute Orgy, and then make it even better, complete with Unconscious Ruins intro gone berserk!!

More highlights... "Scars" has that wicked middle break, and "Lock Up your Children" is a fast, furious and fun opener and "Beyond the Gates of Hell" has a bit of a Possessed "Death Metal"-demo sound to it.

If you like thrash - and who doesn't?? - these guys must be checked out. As good as Bonded by Blood or any of Destruction's output, with a slight taste of Exumer as well. Also, Hypnosia kinda sound like them, though the Pleasure to Kill influence isn't quite as strong as that of Destruction. Indispensable thrash. Especially for ASSASSIN.