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Crying for death, I feel no pain! - 97%

Sigillum_Dei_Ameth, December 4th, 2007

Now, much like my metal breatheren, I am always on the hunt for new music be it old school obscure bands that made the majors seem like wimps or genres which I have not yet listened to and am intrigued and intrested how it might sound while keeping an open mind. Well fuck the later for now because whenever I'm in the mood for some Thrash metal I'll pop in the usual Teutonic, Canuck, Bay Area, or the occasional UK Thrash and let the riffs start flowing. Quite lately I've been running low on the Thrash guage and needed something to fill up on, so I did my research and came across this.....

Holy fuck!

I wish there were more bands like this, but then that would take away from Morbid Saint individuality and place in the Metal universe. They may not be famous, but goddamn they kill and that's all that matters when it comes to this style of music. I mean when ones like to mention really violent Thrash one automatically thinks of the usual suspects such as Dark Angel, Kreator, Vio-lence, Razor etc. But judas goat almighty....this is fucking LETHAL. This is way more agressive than what those bands were putting out at the time and at the height of Thrash metal's reign. Not to forget this is also right before Demolition Hammer and Merciless(Swe) just started putting out their first handful of demos. No, not agressive, just the sound of a thousand nuclear missles filled with plutonium annihilating every in sight. Hell, quite literally this is the sound of Thrash metal hell! I mean you're not going to come across Thrash like this every day of the week. Vocalist Pat Lind is doing his best Mille impression and he goes for broke making Mille himself sound like a pansy in some parts on "Spectrum Of Death" giving certian lines and parts that extra force, that extra "umph" in his vocal shredding. At some points he reminds me of a rabid mutated pitbull waiting to chase you down. Both guitarists Jay Visser and Jim Fergades should have been kings in the Thrash sector of the Metal universe but unfortunately got overshadowed by certian 'others'...I'll leave you up to decide whom I'm referring to...but their riffs are the ones that sound like razors cutting through your flesh. I wouldn't be too surprised if their fingers were bleeding for 5 days straight after recording this album. Bassist Mike Chappa is perfectly sandwhiched between the two providing that extra throbbing bass lines. Lee Reynolds drumming on this is mind-blowing....this guy needs to be charged with assault and battery against his poor drumset. Even down to the production, it's damn near perfectly mixed.

Ever wanted to know the musical equivelency of Joe Pesci taking a baseball bat to your skull? You want to be castrated with silver fishing wire and have your balls handed to you on a paper plate? Take a listen to cocain-flavored cuts such as "Lock Away Your Children", "Crying For Death". Want to hear how to perfectly meld German Thrash Metal with old-school DM? "Burned At the Stake" is the combo of Possessed fistfucking Hobbs Angel of Death/Exumer with some excellent Slayer-esque breaks. Killer stuff. "Assassin" starts off with one of the best headbanging inducing riffs ever heard in the Great Lakes area.... after a crunchy "Raining Blood" worship part it soon morphs into some demented fucking riff worship. "Damien" is completely schizophrenic-inducing madness...while "Beyond The Gates of Hells" is downright evil sounding! The title track is a mere instrumental that doesn't detract anything away from this album which would be kinda hard to do because what Morbid Saint has accomplished here is really a milestone of blackened Thrash of the highest caliber.

And you know what? I even enjoy the Eddie worship-like album cover. Not too many bands can get away with that.