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Good One - 76%

Human666, June 11th, 2007

This album sounds like a pure combination of teutonic and bay area thrash.
It has these harsh vocals which get close to the death metal style, like Kreator for instance, and the riffing is fast, raw and heavy like Sodom or Destruction but has a feeling of Dark Angel and Vio-lence.

'Lock Up Your Children' opens with heavy opening riff at pretty fast tempo which sounds very crude. The chorus is catchy somehow with his simple lyrics and destructive riffing, it keeps on a very lethal feeling for the whole time and never letting up. The lead guitar sounds note to note like Slayer's 'Reign In Blood' with
it's unclear direction and extreme changes within the scale range which makes it sounds rushed, raw and destructive as well. Great opener, and also the best track of this album.

The rest of the tracks sounds very chaotic and aggressive as well. There aren't bad tracks, each track has it's own raspy riffs and killer lyrics which makes it sound like a pure piece of destructive thrash with dabs of old school death metal.

However I don't feel like giving this album more than 76, because this is really what it's deserves. It's a good album for sure, but it doesn't groundbreaking or even barely unique. It does what dozens of other thrash albums does, and does it pretty well.