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A long lost thrash classic... - 95%

Gio, January 24th, 2005

Seriously. The album just doesn't get the credit it deserves.

I'd also go so far as to say that Pat Lind is one of the best thrash vocalists I've heard. Seriously. Just totally fucking catchy, and totally fucking badass. Most importantly is how well Morbid Saint can write a damn good thrash riff. And not only are they incredibly catchy and badass, but totally vicious as well. This is shit you just can't help but bang your head to.

Anyways, Morbid Saint have been compared to many different bands, and you really can't pinpoint a specific band that could tell you exactly what these guys sound like. Like Boris said, a bit of an American-sounding Destruction with some bay area influences thrown into the mix, namely bands like Dark Angel. As a matter of a fact, Dark Angel is probably the best comparison, what with often chaotic wall of riffage that acts like a hammer bashing your brains in. (But that's a good thing for metal to do. Remember that *NFlames) And while they don't shy away from showing their bay-area influences, they really do have a very unique and original sound all their own, which I'd best describe as a more melodic Dark Angel with excellent death/thrash vocals. Enough with the comparisons...

Anyways, the album is consistently thrashy throughout with no oddball tracks in the mix, except for the title track that isn't even a minute long, This, however, is a good thing, especially considering how perfect this album is. You just wouldn't want anything added or taken away from this LP. Standout tracks would include "Lock Up Your Children" (and excellent opener, really showing their Dark Angel influences in terms of atmosphere and drumming, but also with quite a bit more melodic style), "Crying for Death" (best described as a drop kick to the balls. Again, that isn't a bad thing for metal to do, *NFlames), and "Beyond the Gates of Hell" (excellent album capper which showcases their more melodic style the best). Hell, all the songs are great, but the best song is...

"Assassin". The opening riff is one of the catchiest, most head-banging riffs you'll ever encounter, and the song doesn't let up. This is where Morbid Saint really get to show off their songwriting abilities, as the song clocks in at about seven minutes, never lets up, and has so many goddamn twists and turns it'll make you shit your pants with exhilarated glee while, at the same time mind you, beat the living fuck out of every living thing in the general vicinity. It's just that awsome, what can I say?

Needless to say, this is one of those long lost thrash classics people forgot about, but is essential to any thrash fans collection. Well-written, catchy, great vocals, and fun as hell. If you don't have this album, get it immediately. Stop reading this review. Please, stop fucking reading this, fag, and get to downloading this piece of greatness this instant.