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Sheer Thrash Brutality - 90%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, February 26th, 2008

Holy shit! Here we have a total German-inspired thrash metal album from U.S.A.! The power of this group is unbelievable and even if the production is not that great, we can really taste the goodness of pure thrash. The first thing that came to my mind is "Kreator". The vocals are very similar to those by Mille or even more screamed, while the music can be seen as an Extreme Aggression influenced one.

The first track features good tempo changes, also during the fast parts. A perfect sledge hammer song, directly in the stomach. “Burned At The Stake” is even faster and more pissed off with hyper fast, tremolo picking style solos. “Assassin” is a 7 minute thrash attack with always great bass drum work and raw guitars. As always the solos are in Slayer direction with changes on the scale range while the following “Damien” is filled with early death metal influences. Brutal, schizophrenic and blasting.

“Crying For Death” is the most violent track…total drums madness with lots of breaks where we find the only the drum sound to destroy everything. The guitars sound here reminds me Darkness Descends album and even the song structure is more focused in those directions. Twisted. After the instrumental title track, it’s time for “Scars” to destroy my stereo. Anyway after the stunning “Crying For Death” now it’s like listening to Bon Jovi…

The final “Beyond The Gates Of Hell” shows whistling solos and fast bass drums in the beginning, followed by a pure Slayer mid tempo. The refrain is great, one of the best here supported by high dose brutality by a group that surely deserved more attention in thrash metal. Astonishing album.