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Morbid Saint come back for round two - 85%

Sigillum_Dei_Ameth, April 16th, 2008

In 1988, local Thrash act Morbid Saint released quite possibly one of the most down-right most fucking evil, criminally underrated, and thrashingly annoihilating debut LP "Spectrum of Death." An album so heavy if one didn't suffer from side effects such as constipation, mania, sleepless nights, insomnia, ringing in the ears, rapid heart beat, psychosis, fatigue, and uncontrolable headbanging they might as well been dead or some wimpy poseur who ended up seeing the doctor because they weren't downright fucking cazy enough to handle such intensity from one single album.

Now what do we expect after the fallout of "Spectrum of Death", nothing but the black ash snowfall of "Destruction System". "Spectrum Of Death" was the sound of WWIII in full affect, "Destruction System" is the sound of radiation sickness slowly starting to eat it's way through the bodies of the unfortunate survivors. I will give you a heads up on "Destruction System", if you are looking for the ultra-intense speed and mental illness sorry jack, but you do get a good dosage of evil Thrash and that's better than nothing. And I am not too surprised with this myself, to try to keep going after "Spectrum of Death" would make most bands go supernova. Not for Morbid the evil never dies.

The production on this is nowhere near the mix on "Spectrum of Death" which I rare hold against any band. As long as the music is honest I could care less about sound production. A bit muddy at first but you'll easily get used to it afterwards. The drums and vocals are the clearest sound while the guitars are a notch down....bass completely unlistenable. This would resemble something a bit more mainstream, but again has an evil sound which still lets Morbid Saint keep their originality. The closest thing I can honestly draw a comparison is possibly early Demolition Hammer as far as production goes.

Songs like "Darkness Unseen", "Depth of Sanity", "Disciples of Discipline"(The spoken intro Pat Lind sounds eerily remininscent of somewhat like Dead from Mayhem!) are riff-festivals and tons of drum insanity. The others don't fact they sound like left-overs from "South Of Heaven". This isn't bad in and of itself, but you are still ravenous for more of what "Spectrum of Death" killed you with. Maybe it will grow on me in due time but for now, Morbid Saint still kill and I'll keep blasting out "Spectrum of Death" while having a couple of Pabst Blue Ribbons.