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I'd sell my soul for thisto be officially released - 89%

Behemoth118, August 9th, 2007

So, after waiting 4 years, Morbid Saint came back to kill you, because I’m sure 4 years is enough time to recover after the absolute fucking madness of Spectrum of Death that hospitalized you in the first place.

If you thought Spectrum was great, you have to hear this! Even though the drums nearly dominate everything else in the production, to the point where you can hardly hear the vocals at some points, and the bass is drowned out and almost completely inaudible, this is actually really fucking good. The guitars have kept their razor tone, and the vocals are the same ones you know and loved from SoD.

The songs themselves are actually better than the ones on SoD, for the most part (Assassin is still their best song, IMO, but hey, that’s a fucking hard song to top.) Songs such as ‘Darkness Unseen’, ‘Final Exit’, ‘Halls of Terror’, and ‘Sign of the Times’ remain catchy as hell, while not compromising any of MS’ signature brutality.

The drumming consists of mainly frequent, subtle changes, such as the ones at 0:37, and 0:53, in ‘Darkness Unseen.’ Now imagine that happening in EVERY song. Oh, what FUN. The riff work is still of the same variety as on SoD, but the solos. OHHHH, the solos. Flashy as fuck, (think… if Ralph Sanatolla tried his hand in thrash!), and just about EVERYWHERE. And the bass? From what I can hear of it

However, there are a couple notable flaws that drag this down, somewhat. The aforementioned production, with the drums being far too prominent, however, it’s excusable, as this is merely a demo. And the songs might tend to run together, slightly, as you near the end, but other than that, this is fucking excellent.

Essential if you were a fan of SoD, and just fans of thrash metal in general.