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Black Thrash That Shall Be Missed, But Won't - 90%

BobbyPeru, March 14th, 2013

Fucking Morbid Insulter man, just when I thought they might break out the Swedish mold, you know polished and fancy contact lens black metal a la Watain or not so fuck me Jesus blasphemy a la Marduk, guitarist E Expulser had to kill himself. And it happened just days after I got a hold of their second EP Antichrist Blasphemies, which by the way, the usually slow-friendly label I Hate records had the care to put out.

Well now, as if to commemorate a year to the date of the death of Expulser, I Hate has released Funeral Mysticism, a two-disc compilation that combines Morbid Insulter’s two EP’s, adds in their 2005 demo Strikes From the Grave and 2006’s From the Womb of Pestilence and even includes two unreleased tracks. Their contribution to the compilation tape Göteborgs Död, “Doomsday Orgies” has also been included.

There is a lot to like about Morbid Insulter beyond the high impact moniker. Musically speaking, their songs are inherently black metal; fast blasting music, tremolo addicted riffs and vocals that sound grunted as well as puked, however heavy metal and especially thrash metal are a recurring theme throughout and the constant adoption of both makes their music extremely memorable. While listening to the second CD one may find himself hooked by some rather groove-laden passages. Think not macho southern bullshit, but focus on the gnarliest passages of the sickest 80’s thrash metal bands; bouncy rhythms, high energy tempos, super strong riffage and sloppy drumming. The end of “Extol Sathanas” for instance, is equally melodic and orgiastic and the middle part of “Order of Unholy Violence” is musically imported from the San Francisco Bay Area.

That choppy balance made Morbid Insulter a much more memorable experience than some of their most obvious influencers; Sarcofago could have only dreamed of their chops, Master’s Hammer, very much like Expulser, would have totally gone for the razor and Nifelheim, well what can you say about Nifelheim? Not shit.

While the best sounding stuff is in the second disc, it is the first compact disc which houses their two demos that is the most endearing. The material is straight out of the 80’s, lo fi sound included, enraged heavy metal loaded by juvenile libido and the wild sense of exuberance usually only displayed by suburban nerds that will at one point or another explode with a shotgun. The music is tight, as in not tight at all, and the riffs draw melodies with difficulty and gusto. Yeah, There is not a vast discography behind Morbid Insulter, but their potential was vast and only half-realized.

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