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Groovy, primitive black metal - 88%

Esteroth666, December 4th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2005, CD, Deathgasm Records

There are certain bands or releases that have nothing special to offer to the listener but there's always something that somehow makes it enjoyable enough to catch someone's attention. There's nothing complex here but rather simple, catchy, and groovy riffs with low, primitive sound quality. As stupid as it sounds that's exactly what makes this EP enjoyable.

This EP has only 5 tracks with a small variety of riffs and a slight amount of tempo changes. Each song sounds pretty similar to one another but the groove and the thrashy rhythms makes up for it. The onle tracks that really stand out on this album are: "Demonic Possession" and the title track "Total Devotion".

"Demonic Possession" kicks off with a groovy riff pretty similar to "Deathcrush" by Mayhem where as "Total Devotion" kicks off with a really fast paced riff; Fast-picked power chords and blast beats. Then in the middle they drop the tempo playing the exact same riff but at a slow pace then they pick it back up. The riff on this song is pretty obscure and eerie sounding compared to the others.

The guitar has a crispy sound but I find it pretty dull compared to the thick sound of the bass and drums. The guitar riffs are very simple but very groovy complimented by the bass which is very audible and alive in every song adding that thickness that the guitar is missing. The drums have a clean sound with thrashy rhythms and blast beats. The vocals are very harsh with a touch of reverb but nothing special. Despite the lack of variety on this EP the low quality sound and the groove makes it really enjoyable. If you're into primitive thrashy black metal then this is for you but don't expect anything special.