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Slimey, cheap and laughable. - 1%

stonedjesus, May 22nd, 2011

Morbid Angel's newest material is for all intensive purposes a more focused extension of what we heard on "Heretic" back in 2003. "Heretic" itself was a less muddy, less focused release which bent upon it's predecessor "Gateways to Annihilation." While "Heretic" lacked direction, and felt more like a production demo than a themed full-length it was still a listenable affair. Things are not looking so good with this preview of the forthcoming "Illud Divinum Insanus" album as the new track featured here is unspeakably bland and short-sighted.

"Nevermore" isn't a terrible song, borrowing variations of guitar riffs Trey has been playing for the last 13 years or so. Trey's presence is not only forgettable, but his solo is mixed at about sleep-fart level and makes no attempt to punctuate itself within the song. I don't know if it was Dave Vincent's idea to have the choral vocals tossed in but it was a mistake. His presence is unexceptional and is only necessary to attract old fans. While professional and well mixed, the tone of this song is almost tongue-in-cheek and irritatingly so. I don't expect drummer Tim Yeung or "whats-his-name" from Zyklon to stand out, and they don't. Sandoval's input is sorely missed.

"Destructo vs The Earth" is a terrible song. Dated EBM-sounding Combichrist nonsense that harkens back to 90's Front Line Assembly. I have nothing against this type of electronic music but it belongs on one of Vincent's Genitorturers albums as a throwaway remix, it really has nothing to do with The Ancient Ones.

Morbid Angel has lost me with this one. I'd stuck with the band since seeing them live in 1995 and enjoyed everything (even "Heretic") they'd put out. But after eight years I am disappointed and bored by how bland of an effort this is. There are better, more interesting things happening in death metal in 2011. Even if "Illud..." ends up being a great album, it will have this turdball to soil it around the halfway mark. No thanks.