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Welcome back! - 88%

natrix, May 21st, 2011

Well, this probably isn't an entirely accurate representation of what is going to be on Illud Divinum Insanus, but what we have is one classic Morbid Angel track and a techno remix. I'm very satisfied!

"Nevermore" is pure classic Morbid Angel. The main riff has a choppy, Heretic feel to it, and I mean that in the best possible sense. The pre-chorus is angry, Possessed/Slayer sounding, and then the chorus comes in with a rather catchy vocal hook. And that really reminds me of what I missed about Vincent's work with the band: his vocal patterns. He even throws in some quasi Peter Steele choral vocals, which gives a nice twist to the music. The break down is nice, and so is the solo...nothing super spectacular, but solid.

Musically, nothing is flawed. Vincent sounds pretty much exactly the same as he did on Domination and the live album, Entangled In Chaos. Perhaps a little bit more caustic. But still powerful. In fact, I'd say that he sounds better than he did on Domination. Trey is Trey...if you liked him before, you'll dig him here. Tim Yeung fills Pete's place quite well, although his drumming feels slightly different.

Classic Morbid Angel. Nothing less, nothing more. Personally I love Morbid Angel, and they sound much more inspired than they have on the previous two albums. It doesn't eclipse Formulas and what came before, but it's solid.

If I've got one gripe, that would be the production. Erik Rutan's squeaky clean production robs the drums of their nastiness. Covenant had an awesome drum sound. They should have aimed for that! But still, this is way better than the low-fi stuff that graced Heretic.

Now, the remix. It's done by Combichrist. If you don't like electronic, evil techno stuff, then you will hate this. If this appeared as the actual song on the album, I probably wouldn't like it, but as it is, I find it highly enjoyable. The sci-fi lyrics and robot vocals go perfectly with the whacked out keyboards and sound effects.

Well, I'm pleased. I'm happy to have my favourite band back, producing inspired music. I'm confident that the new album will rule, even if it does have new elements on it. At least with songs like "Nevermore," Morbid Angel is still keeping a strong link to their death metal past.