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Not Bad - 90%

Veneficus Noctis, May 23rd, 2011

Well it has been eight years since the last Morbid Angel record, 2003's "Heretic", and a surprising sixteen since David Vincent last appeared with the band. In a way the band's upcoming record, "Illud Divinum Insanus" has been a long time coming, especially for fans of the Morbid.

"Nevermore" is really a good choice for a single, not to say it's a perfect song. Despite some of its flaws, though minor, I can see why this is an optimal track for a single. It's catchy, if you can call it that, and displays all the trademark Morbid Angel traits; guitar virtuosity from Trey and the welcome return of David's vocals. He tries some new techniques here too with a choral- sounding voice midway through the song.

Ok, so "Nevermore" is not perfect, and if you're not a fan of Morbid Angel or a newcomer to them, it is not the most opportune place to start. But this song has the rare gift of growing on you. At first I thought "yeah it's ok" but after a while I grew to enjoy it more. I'm glad the band have not messed with the formula that makes them Morbid Angel, and they keep it fresh with each new album by adding new elements whether it be in the instruments or the vocals.

Some Morbid Angel fans are not really fond of the Steve Tucker era (1998-2003), but I like both the Vincent and Tucker eras of Morbid Angel, each for their own merits. You can't discredit the Vincent era. I mean "Altars of Madness" is an absolute seminal classic of death metal, but "Gateways To Annihilation" is also a damn good record. So I admit it is great to see Dave back doing what he should be, but we still shouldn't brush the Tucker era aside.

All in all, "Nevermore" is a good choice for a single and from what I've heard of it and another new track, "Omni Potens", the band's new record should prove to be a good, solid release for 2011 and affirm that the band are far from done.

- Catchy
- Great Morbid Angel trademarks
- Good to David back
- Grows on you

- Takes awhile to get used to