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Meh - 30%

noinnocentvictim, January 20th, 2006

This album is bereft of any elements that would catch any partially intelligent being's attention. It all sounds the same, and I was trying my absolute hardest to enjoy this album, but every time I pop it in to give it another chance, the band rejects my attempts. All instruments here are coherent, and maybe that's the issue right there - you realize how overtly BLAND everything is here, unlike in, say, "Covenant."

Maybe my expectations were too high, but something tells me that it's just a pure lack of effort here. If you release 10 songs (with one intro track) after so many years of being a solid band, it's inevitable that you're going to run out of ideas and become somewhat desperate, facing an inevitable decline and not wanting to accept it. However, this is worse than that. Morbid Angel needs to call it quits now. There is not a single standout track, aside from the intro, which one might say is a perfect summary of the album.

There is nothing interesting here, just a bunch of boring recycled songs reeking of an artist's desperation to release another good album, but not read what people are saying about them. After listening to "Covenant" and then this album, I began to feel nauseous - maybe people are right and death metal IS dead. This is hardly even death metal, in fact. The riffing is common, recycled chugga-chugga riffs without any effort or emotion in them, creating absolutely no atmosphere, and never bothering to even attempt to grab the listener's attention. The drums? Blastbeats, standard beats, nothing special. The vocals are essentially the same, but they never stood out in the first place.

This is a sad sign that the end of metal is here.