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Simply amazing! - 100%

Blastbeats, October 1st, 2002

Morbid Angel's 7th release, keeping with their tradition of each album being released in alphabetical order - G is the latest. This album is seriously heavy stuff, not for the faint of heart.

The guitars are tuned down really low, and the guitar sound is really chunky and crushing. The overall pace of the riffing is quite slow, with heavy power chording crushing you skull, and sometimes fast chugging bringing a bit of much needed pace in places. Trey obviously went more for malevolence than the previous releases, but the riffing does get quite technical in places. Quite a few short, crushing riffs that all string together so cause a chaotic atmosphere, built up upon very dark bass play and monster drumming. The soloing is still trademark Trey Azagthoth, with the squealing leads emerging from the destruction him and Erik Rutan ruthlessly create. The lead play is perfect for such a deadly album, and puts the final piece in this jigsaw of evil. The rhythm play is excellent though, with some excellent riffing made for head banging.

Pete Sandoval is a complete MONSTER on the drums here! He completely amazed we with the speed he can play double bass. I have never heard double bass as fast - he must have been on something! The drum rhythms superbly complement the heavy riffing, and turn the songs into skull crushers. As usual, he does an excellent all round job on the sticks, but the double bass and blast beat speed just astounded me. It's inhuman the way he drums, and I still consider him one of the best drummers in the world.

Steve Tucker follows on brilliantly from his first appearance on Formulas Fatal To The Flesh. Really low, malicious bass play, with killer guttural growling. All these elements combined turn this album into hell on earth! Steve doesn't growl for a great part of the album, as it's much more instrumentally based than lyrically.

This album will rip you open and compress your cranium. Their most brutal album to date, and a trend of growing brutality is obviously showing. Maybe they'll call the next one "Heavier Than The Last One!" If you like really down-tuned, crushing death metal with flesh ripping drumming, yet a great deal of coordination, this album is for you. One of my favorites!